What people say about us

The Garden Room day centre is a very clean and bright environment. The staff are patient and understanding. My husband has Parkinson’s and dementia and attended the Garden Room until he went into a nursing home. All of the staff were so kind to us both and went above and beyond what you would expect. It gave me the break I desperately needed.
Elizabeth B
I am a carer. The person who visited the daycare facilities lived with me. At the time I found the daycare, the person who I cared for was unwell physically with poor mobility. She had autism and getting her into the community was paramount for those needs. All other settings previously had been un able to meet her needs. I found the Garden Room kind, understanding and with staff that were prepared to go out of their way to meet this persons needs.
Sheila C
We have used The Garden Room for almost a year now. My husband goes there for daycare on Mondays and Fridays. The staff are fantastic with him and he seems very happy to go there. I would definitely recommend this facility.
My wife attended daycare weekly for approximately 12 months. The daycare in the garden room was excellent, friendly and caring. My wife really enjoyed her visits and was very happy. The staff were always friendly and helpful and very flexible. We were very fortunate to benefit from the whole atmosphere of The Garden Room.
William D
My wife attended for daycare. She had several complex conditions but was welcomed by all the staff who went out of their way to understand her needs and to accommodate them. The facilities were very good. The Garden Room being a modern extension to an older building. It was always clean and fresh.
Neil T
“Wykenhurst Residential Home is a lovely family run care home where the residents are given dignity, respect and are very well cared for. I have experience of two relatives living there and both have received excellent care. Communication between staff, residents and family is good. It is a lovely, warm and safe environment with a real family atmosphere. I am always greeted with a smile from staff with an update of my relative”
“My brother has been in Wykenhurst Residential home for three years after a time in hospital then a geriatric home. There, still in his 60’s he had learned to behave in an elderly fashion, now in a home for a range of ages, thanks to the staff where their aim is to encourage maximum mental and physical independence whilst practising aid and support whenever needed he has benefited greatly. He is thus able to enjoy a fuller life and when receiving visits from family and friends to show his appreciation as well as some concern for their well-being, he had previously lost this ability. Whilst mentally he yearned to leave care he now realises that he would not manage on his own. He regards Wykenhurst as his home and the brilliant staff as his friends. He appreciates the sense of security that he has and I feel he is content with his life. I and the family are very thankful that Wykenhurst has become my brothers home and extremely grateful to all those who care for him”
“When I visit the home I find all the staff friendly and helpful. Nothing seems to be too much trouble. My brother has been living there for many years and is extremely happy being there”
“Our relative has been in Wykenhurst for one year. He has not always been the easiest to manage due to his dementia. The staff have been helpful in all aspects and have kept us well informed. Above all we appreciate the efforts to make everything homely with respect for the wishes of the residents”